The creation of a maternity care crisis in the District

– The closure of Providence Hospital’s maternity ward, the temporary closure of United Medical Center’s maternity ward, and Washington Hospital Center’s change to a different insurance plan have created a maternity care crisis for predominantly low-income women of color in the District. (WaPo, 10/28)

There already are dramatic disparities in infant health outcomes in the District’s minority communities.

Using data from 2013, the city found that the infant mortality rate among white mothers was 1.7 per 1,000 births. For Hispanic and black mothers, it was, respectively, 6.4 and 9.9 per 1,000 births.

“If a woman is pregnant, you know it’s going to be nine months, so she should be able to plan where she’s going to have birth and set everything up — that’s the gold star standard,” [chief executive of Community of Hope Kelly Sweeney] McShane said. “But there is already not a good continuity of care between prenatal care and delivery [for low-income women]. And now it’s come to a head with all this going on at the same time.”

– The District has launched a new app that alerts CPR trained individuals if there is someone in cardiac arrest nearby. (WAMU, 10/27)

– Arlington County officials are reconsidering its regulations that allow homeowners to rent to long-term tenants on their property. (WaPo, 10/29)

– How cities and states can stop the exploitation of individuals living in mobile homes. (Citylab, 10/25)

YOUTH | This DC nonprofit is helping low-income youth interested in soccer get a chance to play in leagues in the area and travel around the world. (WaPo, 10/29)

RACIAL EQUITY |As you all know, WRAG launched “Putting Racism on the Table” series to encourage philanthropy to learn about the structural racism, unconscious bias, and white privilege that is present in our society and we have uplifted the voices of many participants as they reflected on its influence in their professional and personal lives. Jason Riley, opening speaker at the Philanthropy Roundtable annual conference, presented a different view of the impact of racism and how philanthropy should address it. (Chronicle, 10/27 – Subscription needed) What do you think?

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The continued haunting of the White House.

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