How the Thriving Germantown initiative is supporting a low-income community in Montgomery County

MARYLAND/POVERTY | Many of the students at Daly Elementary School in Germantown, Maryland are from low-income families of color. The school staff strives to meet the students needs outside of education but often aren’t able. After learning of the community, Crystal Townsend, WRAG board member and president of the Healthcare Initiative Foundation, stepped in with help from other organizations to offer additional resources through the Thriving Germantown initiative. (Bethesda Magazine, 10/24)

“There isn’t an anchor nonprofit in Germantown, and there isn’t a municipality, but here we have the fastest-growing population and poverty rate in the county,” said HIF president Crystal Carr Townsend, who has spent much of her career overseeing social service programs. “How do you make headway on this? How do you catch this tide before Daly becomes a 90-percent FARMS school?”

With support from several funders, Family Service Inc. operates the Thriving Germantown Community HUB, designed to help Germantown families connect to health care, early child care, food assistance, workforce development, ESOL classes and more. The focal point is Daly: Each school year, families with a child in pre-Kindergarten or kindergarten will be eligible to enroll in the program, and by the end of the pilot the entire Daly community will have the option to participate, says Townsend.

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