DC launches a new program to help formerly homeless residents find housing

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | Across the US, individuals with housing vouchers have found that landlords are hesitant to offer them a lease due to perceptions about them. Last week, District officials launched the Landlord Partnership Fund in an attempt to remove this barrier for voucher recipients. (DCist, 10/6)

“We have people who are in the housing search process with a subsidy in hand and that stage of their process is getting longer and not shorter. We need that to change,” said Department of Human Services Director Laura Zeilinger before announcing a series of changes on Friday designed to make landlords more likely to rent to people who are exiting homelessness.

The centerpiece of the plan is a Landlord Partnership Fund, essentially a privately funded pool that landlords could draw from in the event of property damage or other potential costs—an incentive for property owners to rent to people with housing vouchers. In tandem, DHS has tweaked and added a series of programs to give landlords more confidence and assurances about a population often considered to be risky tenants.

RACIAL JUSTICE | Tamara Lucas Copeland, WRAG’s president, reminds us that to achieve racial justice, we have to focus on disrupting the false narrative of a racial hierarchy while also investing in the immediate needs of vulnerable communities. (Daily, 10/10)

– With the help of the District’s new “Equity Through Excellence” program, schools with a large amount of students who have poor PARCC scores will receive more funding to improve their grades. (WAMU, 10/6)

– Transgender students prevail with school policy in Maryland (WaPo, 10/8)

TRANSIT | Two DC agencies have partnered to launch a program that allows city government employees to hail city cabs instead of using government owned cars to conduct government business. (WAMU, 10/9)

WORKFORCE | Montgomery County, MD may be closer to passing a $15 minimum wage bill after a council committee recently voted to extend the timeline for its implementation. (Bethesda Beat, 10/9)

PHILANTHROPY | Nine nonprofit leaders, who are members of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations’ Nonprofit Advisory Council, have written a letter to philanthropy detailing how grantmakers can better support their grantees. (GEO, 10/4)

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