Funding for home visiting program for low-income families set to expire

CHILDREN & FAMILIES | Research has shown how important home-visiting programs where nurses or social workers provide support to parents during the first years of a child’s life are to the success of children and their families. The legislation that funds this program is set to expire at the end of the month. (WaPo, 9/22)

Federal dollars funded home visits for 1,175 families in Maryland in 2015 and 1,449 families in Virginia. They make up the bulk of funds for home-visiting programs in the District. In a city where nearly a quarter of children under age 5 live below the poverty line, advocates say home visiting is a promising — and already underused — strategy for addressing inequality early.

A report released by the D.C. auditor this summer estimates there are 6,300 households with children under 5 that would benefit from home-visiting programs, based on risk-factor data including poverty levels, access to prenatal care and developmental delays. In fiscal 2015, just over 1,300 families — about a fifth of that number — were served.

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