New Barry Farm development won’t have enough room for longtime residents

HOUSING | The District’s Barry Farm public housing complex is close to being redeveloped into mixed income housing. According to a lawsuit filed yesterday, by Barry Farm residents, there will not be enough room for longtime residents to move back due to the size of the new units. (WaPo, 8/29)

At issue is the planned mix of apartment sizes among the replacement public housing units. In the lawsuit, tenants’ advocates contend the new project will offer fewer multi-bedroom apartments than were available at the old Barry Farm.

“With each development project” in the District, “communities are displaced and new upscale housing created for higher income residents,” the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs said in a statement. “The redevelopment of Barry Farm will exclude more than 150 working and low-income families by decreasing the number of family-sized units,” meaning apartments with two to six bedrooms.

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– Kendra