How do illegal guns come into the District?

PUBLIC SAFETY | Recent reports of innocent bystanders becoming shooting victims has highlighted the prevalence of illegal guns in the District. The Metropolitan Police Department’s Gun Recovery Unit recovers a large amount of illegal guns each year, but it remains unable to capture the gun traffickers. (WCP, 8/24)

Lieutenant Lashay Makal leads the 22-member unit. In July, she says, the GRU took 194 guns off the street, putting her staff on pace to blow past its five-year average of 300-plus guns recovered per year. Formed in October 2007, the unit, through July, has made 1,772 gun arrests and recovered 3,611 guns. Since 2014, it has recovered 53,572 rounds of ammunition, according to department stats.

The GRU’s philosophy, says Makal, is that every round they recover is a life they potentially saved. “It just takes one bullet,” she says, noting a recent case in which her detectives seized two handguns, two rifles, two high capacity “drum magazines,” and more than 200 rounds of assorted ammunition from one location. “Imagine the damage that can do.”

PHILANTHROPY | Maxwell King, president of the Pittsburgh Foundation, denounces the public rise of fascism and urges us to correct the underlying economic inequity in the US. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/22)

IMMIGRATIONThis region has one of the nation’s largest Salvadoran communities. A federal program puts that in jeopardy. (GGWash, 8/23)

ARTS & HUMANITIES | A new mural in the District honors the Irish and Black Americans that contributed to the building of the Lincoln Memorial. (WAMU, 8/22)

RACISM | Opinion: Want to see proof of institutional racism? Let weed open your eyes. (WaPo, 8/22)

FAMILIES & CHILDREN | A new community center, the DC Dream Center, opened in the District yesterday. (DCist, 8/23)

Classic film lovers, Pam Grier will be in DC this weekend.

– Kendra