Where should the District build affordable housing?

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | The DC Fiscal Policy Institute has created a new interactive tool that lets users explore the best places to build affordable housing in the District. The tool utilizes indicators such as neighborhood poverty, violent crime, job proximity, racial diversity, and residential land cost to determine if a neighborhood is suitable. (DCFPI Blog, 8/10)

The tool allows users to choose their level of priority for each of the four opportunity-related indicators and the land cost index, which then creates an “affordable housing priority score” for each neighborhood based on the selected priorities. You could use the tool, for example, to focus only on land costs, or access to jobs, or on a mix of factors. Adding, removing, or changing the weight of an index changes a neighborhood’s priority score. Whatever you choose, the higher a neighborhood’s score indicates the higher priority the District should place on creating affordable housing there according to your criteria.

INSTITUTE FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | Bailey Jacobs, director of communications and marketing at U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center, gives five reasons why CSR professionals should register for the Institute for CSR. (Daily, 8/16)

EDUCATION | A new analysis shows improved test scores for Northern Virginia students, especially English learners. (WaPo, 8/15)

TRANSPORTATION | There’s a new Capital Bikeshare mobile app that allows riders to check ride history and find stations and bikes. (DCist, 8/15)

HEALTH | Here are some of the “critical errors” that led to DC regulators ordering the shutdown of United Medical Center’s obstetrics ward for ninety days. (WBJ, 8/15)

PUBLIC SAFETY | Maryland’s governor has called for the removal of a statue of Roger B. Taney, a US Supreme Court justice and slavery defender, from the State House grounds. (WaPo, 8/15)

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