Charlottesville, VA reacts to the violence that erupted at a white supremacist rally this weekend

RACISM | One person is dead and nineteen others are injured after a car plowed into a group of anti-racist protesters at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. The rally began with participants marching through the University of Virginia’s campus with tiki torches early Saturday morning. (Richmond Times, 8/12)

Gov. Terry McAuliffe addressed the white supremacists and nationalists who attended the rally directly in a brief statement.

“You came here today to hurt people, and you did hurt people,” McAuliffe said. “My message is clear: We are stronger than you. You have made our commonwealth stronger. You will not succeed. There is no place for you here. There is no place for you in America.”

– Virginia’s governor has announced that a new proposal on how the three jurisdictions could fund Metro will be coming soon. (WTOP, 8/13)

– With No Place To Charge, D.C.’s Electric Cab Drivers Ask For Help (WAMU, 8/14)

EDUCATION | The District has proposed a new contract for its teachers, which includes a 9% salary increase over three years and other benefits. (WaPo, 8/14)

PUBLIC SAFETY | A new campaign in the District helps teens cope with violence. (AFRO, 8/13)

IMPACT INVESTING | The U.S. Impact Investing Alliance has announced the creation of two new advisory councils that will push for more advancements in impact investing, including the development of metrics to ensure impact. (Chronicle, 8/11 – Subscription needed)

LGBTQ | The District has received a grant to identify historic LGBTQ landmarks in the city. Can you think of any? (WAMU, 8/11)

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