In Alexandria, an idea to build affordable housing on Metro property

HOUSING AFFORDABILITY | Alexandria had more than 18,000 rental units that were considered market-affordable in 2000, and today that number has been greatly reduced to 1,749. This is why a Northern Virginian nonprofit has submitted a proposal to the city council to develop affordable housing on Metro property in Alexandria. (WAMU, 8/8)

VOICE is calling for Metro to commit land specifically for developers to build affordable housing units. Setting aside the land might require Metro to work with private developers to build the homes, or have developers build on top of the rail stations themselves.

Metro board member Christian Dorsey said the activists’ plan to build more affordable housing in Alexandria is “spot on,” but he questioned Metro’s ability to get that done.

“How do we solicit partners and structure deals that do provide needed revenue to Metro, but can also encourage density, and that not only provides market income opportunities, but dedicated affordable opportunities?” Dorsey said.

IMMIGRATION | The District renews funding for legal aid for immigrants facing deportation. (DCist, 8/8)

HEALTH | Citing no official reason, District health officials have shut down United Medical Center‘s labor unit for ninety days. (WaPo, 8/9)

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PHILANTHROPY | Here’s some advice for grant makers considering impact investing, and don’t know where to start. (Chronicle, 8/9 – Subscription needed)

Related: Kate Lasso, former director of finance and administration at Consumer Health Foundation, recently wrote a blog discussing what she learned during her research of impact investing in the DC region.

EDUCATION | Loudoun County high school’s dress code will now allow for religious head coverings to be worn inside the classroom, but prohibits hats not worn for medical or other special reasons. (WTOP, 8/9)

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