Montgomery County employers predict a loss of 47,000 jobs if minimum wage increases to $15

– After Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett vetoed a bill to increase the minimum wage to $15 earlier this year, he commissioned a study to look at the economic impact of raising the minimum wage. The study has found that the county would lose approximately 47,000 jobs by 2022. (WaPo, 8/1)

PFM [the economic consulting group] found that increasing the minimum wage to $15 would result in an aggregate loss of $396.5 million of income in the county by 2022 as businesses laid off employees, cut remaining employee hours and benefits, and suspended plans to invest in new locations and hire additional workers.

“We can’t minimize some of the impacts outlined here,” said Leggett, who explained his decision to veto the earlier bill by saying he was worried that the wage hike would hurt the county’s economy. “Even if it’s not 47,000 jobs lost, even if it’s half that, those are some startling numbers. You can’t discount ­it all.”

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