How can philanthropy really help vulnerable populations?

– Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently announced he would practice more charitable giving. His approach, giving money to charities that directly help people now instead of investing in long term impact, has caused a renewed conversation on the work and practice of philanthropy. (Chronicle, 6/15)

Gretchen Greiner-Lott, vice president of WRAG, says:

At the end of June, Jeff Bezos sent a tweet to the universe asking for advice on how he should design his philanthropy. This story was covered by the Washington Post and the Chronicle of Philanthropy responded, as well. The story even prompted a response from Wilt Corkern of the Corina Higginson Trust and WRAG Board member. What do you think? (WaPo, 7/7)

– After analyzing the low college graduation rates of DC high school graduates, the DC State Board of Education plans to review graduation requirements to determine whether changes are needed. (WaPo, 7/12)

– DC’s new education chancellor, Antwan Wilson, reflects on the progress and failures he’s seen during his first year. (GGWash, 7/12)

FOOD INSECURITYSchool Cafeterias Ramp Up Efforts to Feed Loudoun Kids Through the Summer (Loudoun Now, 7/12)

CHILDREN | To reduce the District’s infant mortality rate, the DC Council has introduced a new bill that would provide new parents with a “baby box” and educational resources to encourage safe sleeping practices. (DCist, 7/12)

ARTS & HUMANITIES | How the Anacostia Arts Center became a project by and for the community. (DC Music Download, 7/12)

How easily we blend into the environment.

– Kendra