Homelessness could become a protected class in the District

–  Almost 7,500 people were classified as homeless in the District as of January 2017. Due to the significant barriers the homeless population face in employment, housing, and other areas, a DC Council member has introduced a bill that would make being homeless a protected class under the D.C. Human Rights Act.  (WCP, 7/11)

The legislation would simply add homelessness to the law’s list of almost 20 protected traits and allow the homeless to bring legal complaints with the District, possibly resulting in civil penalties, compensatory damages, or reinstatement of jobs. Typically, homelessness is defined in D.C. as not having a “fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence,” including those sleeping on the streets, in cars, and in shelters. The council is also considering sweeping changes to its primary homeless services law, which officials say would bring D.C.’s definition of homelessness in line with federal guidelines.

Without Leadership at HUD, DC’s Anti-Homelessness Officials Have No Idea What’s Coming (Washingtonian, 6/29)

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GOVERNMENT | The District government is hosting a workshop on July 22 to hear resident feedback on various government forms including drivers license forms. More information here

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– Kendra