DC to offer special education services to young children

– On Friday, a federal court ruled that the District is not doing enough to help children with special needs that aren’t school age yet. The court ordered DC to ensure that at least 8.5% of the city’s children (between the age of 3 and 5) receive special education services. (WaPo, 6/23)

…Earlier court findings had shown the city was regularly failing to identify between 98 and 515 children a month with disabilities and had the lowest percentage of special education enrollment in the United States.

The ruling is a victory for children with disabilities, said Judith Sandalow, executive director of the Childrens Law Center. “Fundamentally it clears away a hurdle in the legal battle to get this city to properly identify and provide services to toddlers,” she said. “The earlier we identify the more we can do to make sure that they are still able to learn along with their typically developing peers. The longer we wait, the harder it is to do.”

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