Report finds AHCA could be beneficial in our region, but not in the long term

– A new George Washington University report found that the proposed American Health Care Act, the replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act, could cost DC $1.2 billion in the next decade, $2.4 billion in Maryland and $700 million in Virginia. However, in the short-term, the bill could increase jobs in our region. (WBJ, 6/14)

“The way the bill is structured, the first thing it does is repeal some taxes,” Ku [director of the Center for Health Policy Research at the GW University Milken Institute School of Public Health] said. “In fact, the federal government goes into a deficit for a couple of years because it’s giving up some of the taxes that are part of the Affordable Care Act. So, more people in the District retain more money and use that to consume things and create other jobs.”

However, those regional benefits are expected to fade over time, Ku said. “The coverage changes that are part of the plan sort of deepen over time. As things such as the rollback of Medicaid eligibility expansion, which was a big deal for the District, and where they begin to wrap Medicaid up with per-capita caps and start to change the way insurance premium tax credits are used, that accumulates over time.”

– Evergreen Health, a Maryland health insurance co-op, is converting to a for-profit insurance company. (Baltimore Sun, 6/14)

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TRANSIT | The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments has approved principles for the region to use when creating a region-wide plan to provide funding for Metro. (WTOP, 6/15)

HOUSING | A new report found that Montgomery County, MD residents pay more than 50% of their annual incomes on rent. (Bethesda Beat, 6/14)

ARTS & HUMANITIES | Grants from the National Endowments for the Arts have helped many individuals raise funds from other entities. What will happen to the arts community if federal funding is cut? (WaPo, 6/8)

INNOVATION | The American Express Leadership Academy Emerging Innovators Bootcamps are now open for registration. They are looking for 100 changemakers around the world who are positively transforming communities and revolutionizing healthcare, education, food security and other pressing issues.

NONPROFITS | Despite decline in retail stores, charities saw $441 million raised from checkout counters last year. (Chronicle, 6/14 – Subscription needed)

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– Kendra