The District has launched a new strategy to end youth homelessness

HOMELESSNESS/ YOUTH | Reducing the homeless population has been a goal in the District for the past couple of years. Now the city has created Solid Foundations DC, a strategy focused on helping unaccompanied teens and young adults before they need to enter shelters. (AFRO, 5/25)

“Ending homelessness in Washington, DC has been a top priority of mine from day one,” said Mayor Bowser in a statement. “The health, safety, and long-term success of our youth will have an impact on our entire community, and our D.C. values require that we continue finding ways to make homelessness in DC rare, brief, and non-recurring. By working together, we can build integrated systems that provide the support our young people need to stay healthy and succeed in school and life.”

TRANSIT | Many states, including Virginia, are working to comply with the federal Real ID law, which may prove to be costly for the states and its citizens. (WaPo, 5/29)

EQUITYPredatory Penalties: How Late Fees on DC Traffic Tickets Punish the Poor (DCFPI, 5/26)

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT | Opinion: What if we focused on addressing the barriers that prevent people from obtaining and keeping a job? (DC Policy Center, 5/23)

EDUCATION | This school has a high population of students living with trauma. This is how it deals with discipline. (NPR, 5/30)

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PHILANTHROPY | JPMorgan Chase is investing $2 million in developing local nonprofit leadership to address racial and financial equity issues. Here’s a look at how it and others are funding efforts to close the racial wealth gap. (Inside Philanthropy, 5/25)

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This is what diversity looks like in Montgomery County schools.

– Kendra