The future of affordable housing according to the administration’s proposed funding cuts

– There are proposed funding cuts to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the administration’s budget proposal released yesterday. These cuts include the elimination of  the Community Development Block Grant program and the Housing Trust Fund. Both of these programs serve America’s most vulnerable citizens. (Citylab, 5/23)

The Housing Trust Fund is a godsend for vulnerable families. But it is unlikely to survive its first encounter with a Republican administration after the one that signed it into law: In the federal budget for 2018 released today, the Trump administration zeroes out funds for the Housing Trust Fund, eliminating one of the country’s few mechanisms for establishing and keeping deeply affordable housing.

…Trump’s budget includes cuts for HUD of over 13 percent. It eliminates the Community Development Block Grant program entirely and carves out billions in housing assistance. But losing the Housing Trust Fund would be particularly punitive, given the way that the fund is financed, the very small amount of money in question, and above all, the desperate profile of the families this fund serves.

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– Nonprofit AF, along with Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, Center for Effective Philanthropy, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, and Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers are hosting Get a Beer (Beverage to Enhance Equity in Relationships) and Undo Nonprofit Power Dynamics (GBUNPD) Day tomorrow. (NAF, 4/17)

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