New report shows rate of homelessness down in the region

HOMELESSNESS | According to a recent point-in-time report, compiled by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the number of homeless individuals has mostly dropped in our region. The report is based on homeless shelters’ reports and a one-time count done by volunteers who walked the streets on January 25th. (WaPo, 5/10)

Most jurisdictions saw declines in homelessness from 2016, though the population was flat in Prince William County and increased by 33 percent in Arlington County.

Kathleen Sibert, the president and chief executive of the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network, noted that because Arlington has a relatively small homeless population, modest fluctuations can create dramatic-looking percentage increases or decreases.

Fifty-eight more people were counted in 2017 than in 2016, bringing the total homeless population in Arlington County to 232, nearly the same number of people as were counted in 2015.

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