A measure to end tipped wages was rejected in the District

– Yesterday the DC Board of Elections rejected a ballot measure that would have required bar and restaurant workers to receive the same minimum wage that other workers are entitled. The District approved a bill raising the minimum wage for tipped worker to $5 by 2020 last year. (WAMU, 5/3)

Proponents submitted some 40,000 signatures, more than the threshold — five percent of registered voters — that’s required to put an initiative on the ballot. The Board of Elections rejected more than 16,000 of those signatures on technicalities. While that still left enough valid signatures from voters across the city to qualify for the ballot, the Board of Elections ruled Wednesday that proponents of the measure had fallen short on a separate requirement that they get signatures from five percent of voters in at least five of the city’s eight wards. The shortfall ranged from 19 signatures in Ward 7 to 947 in Ward 3.

Supporters of paid sick leave call on Maryland governor to sign bill (Baltimore Sun, 5/3)

– An executive order is expected to be announced today that would begin to chip away at some of the Johnson Amendment‘s power. (NYT, 5/3)

Related: Gretchen Greiner-Lott, vice president of WRAG, recently discussed why WRAG, along with thousands of social sector organizations across the country, support the Johnson Amendment. Proposals to repeal the Johnson Amendment continue to be floated on Capitol Hill. Earlier today WRAG urged its ceo members to contact our region’s members of the House Oversight Committee to urge them to support the amendment. The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers is a good source of information on this issue.

– A guide to influencing systems change for nonprofits during this moment. (NPQ, 5/3)

CHILDREN & FAMILIES | The District has proposed several initiatives to aid families as the District experiences a child care shortage. (WJLA, 5/3)

– The House of Representatives will vote on the American Heath Care Act today. (NBC News, 5/4)

– Virginia redesigned its Medicaid waiver program to expand disability services but the move could cost Fairfax County. (WaPo, 5/3)

ARTS & HUMANITIESThis National Gallery of Art program helps people with memory loss ‘connect with who they were’ (WaPo, 5/4)

TRANSIT | More funding for the DC Streetcar extensions to Benning Road metro station and Georgetown. (WTOP, 5/4)

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