Inclusive, affordable housing coming for Maryland residents

– There’s a lot of discussion about the affordable housing crisis in our region and beyond, but we often don’t include a conversation about adults with developmental disabilities. A Rockville, MD couple has noticed the shortage of housing for these adults in their community and now they plan to create an affordable housing development with this population in mind. (Bethesda Beat, 4/25)

The vision shared by Jillian and Scott Copeland is to build a 70-apartment community called Main Street where residents can live independently, learn and build friendships. The plan is to devote a quarter of the units to adults with developmental disabilities.

“It’s a new model … where everyone is welcome and everyone is included,” Jillian Copeland of Rockville said.

Copeland and her husband embarked on the development project after identifying a community need. Their 17-year-old son, Nicol, is developmentally disabled, and Copeland said there’s a shortage of housing options for him. This isn’t the first time Copeland has taken initiative; she founded The Diener School in Potomac about 10 years ago to fill an educational gap for students with disabilities and create a place that would meet her son’s needs.

– A new analysis found that the District has the largest increase in Black homeownership rates in the country and Latinx homeownership is not far behind. (DCist, 4/25)

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– Kendra