DC is looking to lease apartments for homeless families

HOMELESSNESS | In an effort to reduce the cost of housing families experiencing homelessness in hotels and motels, which costs the city about $80,000 a night, Mayor Bowser would like to lease apartments instead. The plan, which some are declaring a step in the right direction, will allow families to stay in the apartments for about 120 days. (WaPo, 4/21)

The city is looking for complexes within one to two blocks of Metro rail stations, amid some of the District’s most desirable real estate.

Bowser’s initiative is the latest step in her efforts to address the District’s high rate of family homelessness, an issue at the center of her 2014 mayoral campaign and on which she has spent considerable political capital since taking office, with mixed results. Between 2007 and 2016, the District’s population of homeless families grew by 191 percent.

The mayor has earned praise from homeless advocates for expanding family shelter access year-round. Under the District’s previous policy, families were admitted only on nights cold enough to trigger a hypothermia alert.

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