Students from two DC schools are having a conversation about race

EDUCATION | A recent study found that 71 percent of the District’s Black students did not attend school with White students. Now an exchange program with Maret School (a private school) and Cesar Chavez Public Charter School is encouraging students to get to know each other and discuss their differences. (WAMU, 4/12)

The day was the brainchild of [history teacher] Ayo Magwood, who taught at Cesar Chavez before coming to Maret. It is the culminating event in a yearlong program she thought up during the contentious presidential campaign. “I was very concerned whether young people would be able to grow up and talk across difference and understand each other,” Magwood said. “I was really just struck by the fact that many of these young people have zero contact with each other.”

D.C.’s schools show evidence of the city’s racial and economic disparities. A study from the University of California in Los Angeles this year found that 71 percent of black students in D.C. public and charter schools have virtually zero white classmates. Cesar Chavez has no white students.

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