District policymakers are investing in childcare

CHILDREN & FAMILIES | In Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 2018 budget proposal, she sets asides funds to address the lack of childcare services in the District. The funds can be used to expand or open childcare centers. In addition, it would make space in city-owned buildings to be used for these facilities. (WaPo, 4/10)

The investment would yield an estimated 1,300 additional slots for infants and toddlers — an increase of close to 20 percent.

“We wanted to respond to what we have been hearing over and over again about infant and toddler child care — that we don’t have enough of it and it’s not where we need it,” said Deputy Mayor for Education Jennifer Niles.

The investment was welcomed by advocates, who said it reflects growing, and much needed, attention to a stressed child-care system.

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