Some seniors in the District are losing Medicaid

AGING | Due to an income limit rule being enforced recently, a little over 100 DC seniors will be rolled off the Medicaid program. For these seniors who were utilizing the District’s Medicaid program for their health care needs, including home care workers, this change is alarming. (WCP, 3/30)

For those caught in this rule change, options are limited. They can pay for home care out of pocket, which can cost hundreds of dollars per day, a financial impossibility for someone as close to the income cut-off… They can try to prove they are “medically needy,” a complex income-based classification that is hard to qualify for, offers temporary coverage, and expects beneficiaries to live on less than $650 each month.

For those in the vast economic middle—seniors who are neither poor enough for Medicaid nor anywhere close to wealthy enough to afford home care—the remaining option is a nursing facility.

NONPROFITS/EVENT | Anna Christ, director of corporate and foundation relations at So Others Might Eat, discusses her experience at WRAG’s Fundamentals of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Two-Day Workshop in 2016 and shares how it helped shape their strategy for corporate engagement. (Daily, 3/23)

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HEALTHTruth Initiative launched a new truth campaign called #StopProfiling to shine a light on how the tobacco industry deliberately singles out communities that already face adversity and inequality with aggressive marketing tactics that equal profiling. (Truth Initiative, 2/12)

– This college program is preparing prison inmates for a life outside of prison. (NPR, 3/27)

– A new brief explores the promising strategies that are being implemented across the country to ensure that judicial fines and fees do not contribute to burdensome debt for low-income communities and people of color. (PolicyLink, 3/28)

REGION | The 2030 Group, along with other local leaders, will kick off its fundraising drive today for a marketing campaign to re-brand the region to improve its reputation. The initiative is part of the Roadmap for the Washington Region’s Economic Future. (WaPo, 3/29) WRAG is pleased to be a part of this coalition.

NONPROFITS/RFP | The Inter-American Development Bank is looking for the 10 most inspiring and creative initiatives that primarily address the needs of the Latin American and/or Caribbean communities located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Apply here by April 27th

ENVIRONMENTMd. commission rules WSSC water rates discriminate against larger households (WaPo, 3/29)

Horror fans: “IT” is back!

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