Reflections on Fundamentals of CSR Workshop: Anna Christ

by Anna Christ
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
So Others Might Eat

Why did you choose to participate in the workshop?
Webinars are great, but I wanted a more intensive training that encompassed group work, discussion and a diversity of perspectives to learn from, namely corporate AND nonprofit perspectives.

What was your favorite part of the workshop?
The presentations and panel discussions on CSR history, trends and overall CSR strategy were great. And it was SO beneficial to hear directly from CSR professionals!

How have you used the knowledge and/or the connections you gained at the workshop to improve your work?
The workshop really helped to shape our strategy for corporate engagement. Here are a few key takeaways that we have adopted when seeking corporate support and reaching out to prospective corporate donors:

  1. There is no simple recipe for “getting in” – you have to develop meaningful engagement opportunities your corporate partners and potential partners!
  2. Partnerships need to be bigger than a check. It’s important to define what work we will do together as well as how we will work together.
  3. Your “reach-in” is volunteerism. It’s very important to engage corporations before “throwing an application in.” Offering opportunities for employee volunteerism is a great way to do this.
  4. Visibility is not all that corporations want; it is much deeper than having a logo on a t-shirt.

What would you tell prospective participants about the workshop?
This workshop offers a really good foundation on the growing and evolving field of CSR. If your organization is looking to grow corporate giving and/or deepen your current corporate donor relationships this workshop is for you!

Do you have any tips for 2017 registrants on how to get the most out of their participation?
Use the time to network! This two-day workshop offers a great opportunity to connect with other nonprofit professionals who may be new to CSR as well as more seasoned development professionals who manage corporate partnerships within their own organizations.

About Fundamentals of CSR
Join the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers for this informative, two-day workshop designed and taught by more than 20 corporate philanthropy and community involvement professionals from some of the region’s largest and most respected companies.

This workshop is designed specifically for individuals who want to better understand the field of corporate responsibility, corporate philanthropy, corporate volunteerism, and corporate community involvement for the purposes of developing new and deeper corporate relationships and more effective corporate fundraising strategies.

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