Reflections on Fundamentals of CSR Workshop: Donney John

Dr. Donney John
Executive Director
NOVA Scripts Central

Why did you choose to participate in the workshop?
At the time of the workshop in 2015, I was still a relatively new executive director and I wanted to learn about new funding strategies. I knew that we needed to diversify our funding streams and that we could not rely solely on grants from foundations to sustain us. I chose to participate in the workshop because I wanted to learn how to engage businesses more effectively.

What was your favorite part of the workshop?
I enjoyed the breakout sessions, especially “Learning to make the CSR business case”. I particularly enjoyed this because I was able to learn how to develop a CSR engagement strategy that I could use at my organization. I listened to the pros and cons of approaches that where highlighted by the folks in the breakout session and took those ideas and learnings back to my organization.

How have you used the knowledge and/or the connections you gained at the workshop to improve your work?
After the workshop, we worked to develop a strategy for evaluating which corporate partners we should approach. We did a better job of researching potential corporate partners to make sure that there was mission-alignment before we approached or engaged with them. Prior to the workshop, we did not always identify the strategic partnership potential with corporations, focusing instead only on the financial benefit they could provide to our organization. Now the first thing we look for is strategic partnership opportunities.

What would you tell prospective participants about the workshop?
The workshop gives you great insight on how to engage with corporations and other potential partners. The information is applicable to every aspect of running a nonprofit successfully.

Do you have any tips for 2017 registrants on how to get the most out of their participation?
This workshop is very beneficial for executive directors, directors of operations and development coordinators. Do your homework regarding which companies will be present so you can have some background information about them before attending.

About Fundamentals of CSR
Join the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers for this informative, two-day workshop designed and taught by more than 20 corporate philanthropy and community involvement professionals from some of the region’s largest and most respected companies.

This workshop is designed specifically for individuals who want to better understand the field of corporate responsibility, corporate philanthropy, corporate volunteerism, and corporate community involvement for the purposes of developing new and deeper corporate relationships and more effective corporate fundraising strategies.

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