Reflections on Fundamentals of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Two-Day Workshop

By Bethany Rubin Henderson
Executive Director
DC Scores

Why did you choose to participate in the Fundamentals of CSR workshop?
I chose to participate to gain a deeper understanding of how companies approach philanthropic activities and engage in the community. I believe that nonprofits and corporations can help each other achieve their goals via win-win partnerships, not only via one-way donations, and was eager to hear perspectives and tips for initiating such efforts from DC-based companies invested in CSR.

What was your favorite part of the workshop?
My favorite part was hearing from company executives. The panels on “Intro to CSR,” “Why CSR: the Case for Community Investment,” “Understanding all of a Corporations Community Investment Resources,” and “How Companies Develop their Community Investment Strategies” were chock full of practical insights and actionable tips. The invaluable insights ranged from how to approach specific companies to frameworks for understanding how and why corporations in general approach developing a CSR strategy.

How have you used the knowledge and/or connections you gained at the workshop to improve your work?
Our team used the specific frameworks and tips shared at the workshop to inform how we designed and are building out a corporate partnership strategy. I also have had several follow-on conversations about the potential for developing new partnerships with corporate representatives I met during the workshop.

What would you tell prospective participants about the workshop?
All of us have limited time and resources to spend on professional development. This workshop is worth the investment if you are considering starting or expanding a corporate partnership strategy. This workshop was very well-organized, kept on time, and I walked away with practical, actionable tips.

Do you have any tips for 2017 registrants on how to get the most out of their participation?
One – Take good notes. There is SO much practical information shared that you are going to want to be able to refer back to once you’ve had time to digest a bit. Share your notes immediately with relevant members of your team, and calendar a reminder to refer back to them a month (or 3) later.

Two – Talk to other participants you don’t already know – in the lunch line, at the group activity tables, and during breaks. What began as bonding with the person next to me in the buffet line turned into a series of conversations over both workshop days and beyond about how our organizations might collaborate.

About Fundamentals of CSR
Join the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers on April 27-28 for this informative, two-day workshop designed and taught by more than 20 corporate philanthropy and community involvement professionals from some of the region’s largest and most respected companies.

This workshop is designed specifically for individuals who want to better understand the field of corporate responsibility, corporate philanthropy, volunteerism, and community involvement for the purposes of developing new and deeper corporate relationships and more effective corporate fundraising strategies.

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