Anti-LGBTQ attacks are up across the US

LGBTQ | Casa Ruby, a DC bilingual and multicultural LGBTQ organization, was vandalized this past Sunday and one of the staff was attacked. These incidents are on the rise in the context of state and federal policy shifts that discriminate against LGBTQ individuals. (NBC News, 3/13)

This is the third time in just two weeks that men have come to Casa Ruby to harass and attack the transgender women that meet there for support and companionship. And D.C. is not the only city to see its local LGBTQ community center hit by violence or vandalism in recent weeks.

In February and March, a spate of hate incidents occurred at LGBTQ community centers and similar venues across the nation, in a trend that has gone underreported.

YOUTH/RACE | There has been a number of Black and Latinx teens reported missing in the District recently. A national magazine asks why more media outlets aren’t reporting on them. (Teen Vogue, 3/13)

PHILANTHROPY | The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, in partnership with the Meyer Foundation, has created a Resilience Fund to support the needs of nonprofits working to protect the region’s vulnerable communities as a result of changes in federal policy. Read more.

ARTS & HUMANITIES | What is the role of museums during times of political unrest? Some believe the institutions should engage, while others believe they should remain neutral. (NYT, 3/13)

ECONOMY | This economist warns that the new administration’s budget cuts could cause a recession in the DC region. (Washingtonian, 3/13)

REGION | DC Policy Center explains the intersecting borders of our region and how we should work together to tackle social issues. (GGW, 3/13)

ENVIRONMENT | More DC schools are installing solar panels to lower the cost of energy bills, in addition to teaching students about solar energy. (WTOP, 3/14)

The many ways we’re ruining cherry blossoms for future generations…

– Kendra