Segregation in DC’s school system

– A new report, “Our Segregated Capital,” by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA found that the District’s public school system is still highly segregated. According to the report, “the combined share of African American and Latino students was 88% in 2013, but 93% of their classmates came from these same groups.” The report also suggested ways the District could address the problem. (WaPo, 2/26)

The report also found that:

– Ninety-three percent of students from poor families who attended charter schools in 2012 had almost no white classmates. For such students in regular public schools, the share was 87 percent.

– Segregation is more intense in charter schools than in regular public schools. Nearly 70 percent of charters in 2012 had no white students or almost none, compared with 50 percent of regular public schools.

– D.C. private schools are growing more white. In 2001-02, white students accounted for 32 percent of the city’s private school enrollment. Ten years later, nearly 60 percent of D.C. private students were white.

– DC student sues city after tuition assistance grant is denied because her mother is an immigrant (WJLA, 2/28)

– To move into the middle class, many advise lower-income families to buy homes or invest in stocks. This article explores the two options. (GGW, 2/28)

– D.C. Attorney General Hires Litigator to Focus on Affordable Housing (WCP, 2/24)

– Maryland’s County Council is considering a bill that would require healthier products in vending machines on county property. (Bethesda Beat, 2/28)

– Ed Hunter, president and chief executive officer of the de Beaumont Foundation, discusses how we can protect public health evidence. (Medium, 2/28)

ENVIRONMENT | Supporters and opponents of a fracking ban in Maryland continue to voice their concerns. (WAMU, 2/28)

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CRIMINAL JUSTICE/TRANSGENDER RIGHTSACLU sues D.C. police for warrantless arrest of transgender activist (WaPo, 2/28)

This is why you should play with your food.

– Kendra