DC paid family leave bill may become law

WORKFORCE | Although Mayor Muriel Bowser’s deadline to veto the paid family leave bill that DC Council passed in December is today, she has not signed the bill. Instead, she has sent a letter to the Council expressing her concerns about the burden on businesses. Without her veto, the bill will become a law and DC will have paid leave starting in 2020. (WAMU, 2/15)

Bowser faced three choices when she received the bill earlier this month: Sign it, return it to the Council unsigned, or veto it, which would have required nine votes on the Council to override her. By not signing the bill, she played a balancing act, expressing her concerns with the measure while not forcing legislators to revisit the issue. In December, the Council approved the bill on a 9-4 vote.

But in her letter she did offer the Council an olive branch of sorts, saying her administration would “look to our partners on the Council to provide ways to overcome the very significant deficiencies” with the bill. She also warned that the Council would have to “fund and refine the legislation before any significant outlays of resources can be made.”

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