Why investing in DC area residents is good for the economy

REGION | The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments has released a new report, State of the Region: Human Capital Report, that includes data on the region’s population, growth, and workforce trends. The report is intended to show the possible economic growth of the Washington Metropolitan region if different sectors took steps to invest in the region’s residents. The report also includes insights on the state of the region’s human capital from a number of COG’s community partners, including WRAG. (MWCOG, 2/8)

WRAG’s president Tamara Copeland had this to say about the report:

“WRAG appreciated the opportunity to contribute to COG’s report. Our region is full of talented and enterprising residents. We must all work together to identify barriers, including structural racism and the lack of affordable housing, that prevent people across the region from achieving their full potential. WRAG is glad to join with COG in this important conversation.”

– Former tenants of a northeast DC housing complex are still waiting for the property to be redeveloped – eight years later. (WCP, 2/9)

– 1 in 5 DC-area homeowners is ‘equity rich’ (WTOP, 2/9)

LGBTQ | Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe vows to veto any bills that discriminate against LGBT individuals. (InsideNova, 2/8)

RACIAL EQUITY | A recent study, “The Asset Value of Whiteness” (featured in the Daily earlier this week), has another surprising statistic – Black, Latino Two-Parent Families Have Half The Wealth Of White Single Parents (WAMU, 2/9)

ARTS & HUMANITIES | Opinion: Activism Ascendant: More Funding for Arts Organizations Supporting “Positive Social Change” (Inside Philanthropy, 2/7)

Related Event: Make sure to register for WRAG’s next Brightest Minds session on March 29th featuring Roberta Uno, head of ArtChangeUS: Arts in a Changing America. She will talk about the cultural sector in the context of our nation’s shifting demographics, and why we should put the arts and artists at the forefront of community change. Register hereThis program is open to the public.

HEALTH | Soon Maryland doctors serving Medicaid patients will need prior authorization to write some prescriptions for opioids. The new policy is intended to address the opioid crisis. (Baltimore Sun, 2/8)

EDUCATIONA majority of Virginians say public schools are underfunded, survey shows (WaPo, 2/8)

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– Kendra