A collective approach to addressing poverty in the DC region

– A new issue brief from Georgetown University Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Laying the Foundation: Building a Collective Approach to Addressing Poverty, Income Inequality, and Racism in the DC Metropolitan Region, outlines a strategy for combating these issues in our region with input from multiple stakeholders, including philanthropy, nonprofit, government and other sectors. The report, written by Margaret O’Bryon and Lucretia Witte, lays out recommendations for different sectors, including nonprofits and philanthropy:

Keep Talking and Bring Others to the Table. A key to the success of this work is creating inclusive change. The deeper the networks that come to bear on this issue, the stronger the collective effort will be.

Fail Forward. While the big vision is to eradicate poverty, it is important not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The philanthropic and nonprofit sectors should operate with a sense of urgency and a determination to use data as a flashlight in order to do the best by those in poverty today while considering new paradigms to prevent poverty tomorrow.

Have Honest Conversations About Race and Equity. The more leaders in the nonprofit sector understand the impact of race and systemic inequity on this problem, the richer potential solutions will be. This starts with honest conversations that value each individual’s diverse experience and leadership story.

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