DC program aims to recruit male teachers of color

– Black and Latino males make up 43 percent of the nation’s school system, but only 11 percent of the teaching workforce. A District program called the Leading Men Fellowship is hoping to change this. By hiring recent male high school graduates of color as literary coaches in elementary schools, they hope the graduates will want to become teachers and that the students will benefit from working with them. (WaPo, 1/30)

Education experts say having teachers of color is important because they are better able to forge relationships with minority students, and studies have shown that students of color do better academically when they have teachers of color.

There are now 10 Leading Men fellows, half of whom started at the beginning of the school year. The other five, including Malcolm, started in January. Antwan Perry, the program’s coordinator, said fellows become invested in student success. During a break at a recent training session, Perry overheard them talking about “interventions” and “benchmarks.”

– The new administration, along with Congress, has the ability to make big changes in the District’s school system. (WaPo, 1/28)

– A new report, Mobility Report Cards: The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational Mobility, by the Equality of Opportunity Project found that elite colleges and universities often fail in expanding access to low-income families. (PND Blog, 1/27)

– In response to the new administration’s proposed and implemented funding cuts to the region (federal hiring freeze, pulling funding from sanctuary cities, etc.), D.C. area leaders are considering an emergency plan. (WBJ, 1/27)

– The Veterans Affairs department has exempted some of its positions from the federal hiring freeze and they’ve asked the administration to exempt veterans applying for federal positions. (Federal News Radio, 1/27)

– Protesters gathered near the White House this weekend to protest an executive order denying entry to travelers from seven majority Muslim countries. (WAMU, 1/30)

– Last week, two D.C. councilmembers introduced a resolution that restricts D.C. from complying in a Muslim registry and affirms the District’s status as a sanctuary city. (Street Sense, 1/25)

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