DC and other sanctuary cities plan to resist executive order

IMMIGRATION | The region and other sanctuary cities around the United States are reacting to an order to cut funding for places that resist the deportation of undocumented immigrants. While this is especially troubling for the District, as it receives a wide range of federal assistance, D.C. and other cities remain dedicated to protecting all of its citizens. (WaPo, 1/25)

During a news conference Wednesday night, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said the District would remain a sanctuary city, even as she said the impact to the city remained entirely unclear.

“Our city and our values did not change on Election Day,” Bowser said. “Being a sanctuary city means we are not an agent of the federal government . . . . It means that our police can focus on serving D.C. residents — protecting and serving them — no matter their immigration status.”

The District is among many heavily Democratic cities that have embraced the sanctuary label, but one of the few in the region. Other communities, including Montgomery County and Baltimore, walked a careful line Wednesday, seeming not to classify themselves as strictly sanctuary jurisdictions, even as they are widely considered such.

DEMOGRAPHICS | Black residents are moving into D.C. at a faster rate than they are moving out. (GGW, 1/25)

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BUDGET | The Maryland Public Policy Institute has several recommendations to fix Maryland’s budget gap, including legalizing and taxing marijuana. (WBJ, 1/26)

TRANSIT | The Purple Line, a light rail train that will run from Bethesda to New Carrollton once funding is secured, is one of 50 priority infrastructure projects in the new administration. (Bethesda Beat, 1/25)

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