Montgomery County will not raise minimum wage by 2020

WORKFORCE | Yesterday, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett vetoed a bill that would have increased minimum wage in the County to $15 by 2020. Citing the need for a study of the economic impact of raising the minimum wage, he said that he may support a bill that included this study and would raise it by 2022. Montgomery County’s minimum wage will increase to $11.50 in July. (Bethesda Beat, 1/23)

Leggett called for an impact study to be completed by July. He noted the county does not have the same economic environment as other cities that have enacted similar legislation to raise the minimum wage. Similar arguments were made by the opponents of the bill—Berliner, Sidney Katz, Nancy Floreen and Craig Rice.

“Unlike Seattle or New York City, we are not a ‘destination city’ that draws great numbers of business travelers or tourists that will be able to afford higher costs for short-term visits,” Leggett wrote. “Our residents will essentially shoulder the bulk of the cost.”

Maryland business groups oppose paid sick leave bill (WBJ, 1/23)

– Patricia Mathews, President and CEO of the Northern Virginia Health Foundation, has won the Mid-Atlantic Regional Health Equity Council 2016 Health Equity Hero Award. The award recognizes the exemplary achievement of individuals who support community efforts in the goal of ending health disparities and promoting health equity. (Mid-Atlantic RHEC, 1/19)

– D.C. HealthLink, the District’s health insurance exchange, is reaching out in unconventional ways to encourage young adults to sign up for health insurance before the January 31 deadline. (WaPo, 1/24)

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