D.C. Council wants to create more public restrooms for the homeless

HOMELESSNESS | There have been many solutions proposed to aid the District’s growing homeless population, including the development of shelters, and now the DC Council has started the year with a new one. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau introduced a bill to create more public restrooms for the homeless. (WCP, 1/10)

Ward 1 D.C. councilmember and newly minted Human Services Committee Chair Brianne Nadeau introduced a bill during the council’s first legislative session of the year that would establish a task force to study creating public restrooms to relieve needy residents. Although the measure is in large part intended to benefit the homeless—roughly 8,350 were counted last year—Nadeau says more public bathrooms could also help pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities. She says major cities in Europe and Asia are models.

As drafted, such a task force would consist of D.C. health, safety, and other officials as well as representatives from homeless services, urban planning, and civic organizations. Membership would be uncompensated, and the group would look at ways to “provide restroom facilities for free or for a nominal cost at all hours,” while also “incentiviz[ing] businesses to keep their restrooms open to the public.” It would recommend specific locations.

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