D.C.’s Deanwood neighborhood sees rising housing prices

GENTRIFICATION | A predominantly black D.C. neighborhood in Ward 7 is slated to be the next target of gentrification. The neighborhood, with Victorian houses built by black architects, has become associated with poverty and crime over time. Recently, a real estate agent has noticed the increase in housing prices. (DCist, 12/30)

Kimberly Gaines, a creative entrepreneur, also recently awoke to how Deanwood’s housing market has changed. In researching nearby homes for her aunt, she found that prices were about triple what she paid for her Deanwood home in 2003.

And “folks are definitely moving into the neighborhood,” she says. At this point, “everybody’s looking like ok we’re going to go settle over here—we’re going to stick our flag in here and we’re going to make this our home. But in turn, what does that mean for the residents who are already in existence here?”

In order to preserve the neighborhood’s culture, retain longtime residents, and bring back basic amenities, there needs to be strong leadership, Walker argues.

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