Montgomery County plans to expand equity in school system

EQUITY | Montgomery County Public Schools’ Superintendent Jack Smith has introduced a budget proposal aimed at narrowing the economic and racial wealth gaps in the County’s school system. Included in the proposal are career and apprenticeship programs and a general emphasis on alternative graduation paths to help students who may not choose college. (Bethesda Beat, 12/13)

His fiscal plan also reserves more than $1 million to bolster special education so that more young learners can access services within their neighborhood elementary schools rather than having to move into alternative schools.

He’s also asking the school board for funding to designate six new “equal opportunity schools,” where students have greater access to advanced courses even if they’ve struggled academically.

“There are a whole lot of adults out there who are doing just fine who didn’t get straight A’s and didn’t do every assignment,” Smith said. “So what can we do in school to say, ‘Let us help you. You have tremendous potential in this area. How can we support you?’ ”

Opinion: Consumer Health Foundation‘s President and CEO Yanique Redwood and Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation‘s President and CEO Nicky Goren urge philanthropy and others to think of new approaches to eliminate inequity in our region. (Chronicle, 12/12 – subscription)

-The Greater Washington Partnership, a new DC, Maryland, and Virginia collaborative, will focus on, among other things, workforce development and improving infrastructure in distressed areas in our region. (WBJ, 12/14)

Catholic University is out to help businesses in D.C.’s economically distressed areas (WBJ, 12/13)

WORKFORCE | Reagan National and Dulles International airport workers plan to protest today for a living wage. (WaPo, 12/14)

HOUSINGD.C. Set to Limit Rent Increases for Certain Elderly and Disabled Tenants (WCP, 12/13)

HEALTH | Life expectancy in the U.S. declined last year, except for black women. (WaPo, 12/14)

VIRGINIA/EQUITY | A Virginia appeals court sees no ‘racially discriminatory intent’ in the state’s voter-ID law and rules to uphold it. (WaPo, 12/13)

PHILANTHROPY | Foundation Center‘s Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2017 report is here. Read it now.

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