D.C. Council to vote on paid family leave today

WORKFORCE | This morning the D.C. Council holds its first vote on the paid family leave bill. The bill, described as one of the most generous leave programs in the country, would allow D.C. employees 11 weeks of paid parental leave and 8 weeks of paid family leave. While many are supportive of the intention of the bill, one of the main issues being debated is a tax that employers must pay to support the program. (WAMU, 12/6)

Bennett [Local restaurant owner who is one of many D.C. business owners in support of paid family leave but not its implementation] says she doesn’t like that the cost is being placed completely on employers, with employees contributing nothing to a benefit they will gain. This way of structuring the system puts D.C. out of sync with the states already offering paid-leave: New Jersey, California and Rhode Island fund their programs through contributions made by employees.

Proponents of the bill, such as D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson, say there was no other way to pay for the program: Congress prohibits D.C. from taxing non-resident income, removing the possibility of having employees contribute altogether. Limiting the program to D.C. residents would create a paid-leave system too small to be sustainable, according to Mendelson.

RACISM | WRAG launched our Putting Racism on the Table learning and training initiative this year, which included a plethora of videos, podcasts, blog posts, and more. Now WRAG wants to know – are you using the materials? Have they had an impact on you or your work? Please tell us! (Daily, 12/6)

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FOOD | Local D.C. nonprofit hosts ‘Joyful Food Markets’ in Wards 7 and 8 schools to provide children and families access to healthy food. (WTOP, 12/5)

-Preliminary findings from a Montgomery County Planning Department study found that the County needs 20,000 more rental units for low-income households. (UrbanTurf, 12/2)

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-75 percent of units in this Georgia Avenue housing development project will be affordable but some residents aren’t pleased with the bargain. (GGW, 12/5)

PHILANTHROPY | The Future of Foundation Philanthropy: The CEO Perspective, a new Center for Effective Philanthropy report, offers foundation CEOs’ vision for philanthropy and includes their thoughts on addressing society’s most pressing issues.

TRANSIT | If you have cell phone service with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint, you can now use your phone on the metro between certain stations. (WaPo, 12/5)

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