Are you putting racism on the table? Let WRAG know!

By Tamara Lucas Copeland
President, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

When WRAG launched Putting Racism on the Table: The Learning Series, we focused narrowly on building a local cohort of informed philanthropic leaders who understood the many aspects of racism and were committed to addressing it. We didn’t get much further than the announcement when we knew we had to broaden our reach. Lots of people – in and outside of philanthropy – wanted to participate. That’s when we decided to video the lectures. We couldn’t have such phenomenal thought leaders and not share their lectures, in some way, with a wider audience. Next came a blog series of reflections by community leaders, then podcasts, and now Structural Racism Theater.

We learn differently. We all have busy schedules, so we keep thinking of ways to package the materials so that more people will be exposed to the materials and be better able to understand the dimensions and impact of racism. (Have you checked out our new microsite yet? Go to

As we were releasing adaptations of the materials, we started to hear that others were looking at our work and being affected by it. A leader in New Jersey called. We heard that folks in Seattle were watching our videos over lunch. Someone shared that we had made saying the word “racism” not only acceptable, but understandable as the realities of structural racism and implicit bias became more and more clear to more people.

So here’s our ask of Daily WRAG readers: Are you using the Putting Racism on the Table materials? Has WRAG’s work prompted a conversation or contributed to an entire body of work that just needed a catalyst to move it forward? Please let me know –

As we all try to chronicle the impact of our work, hearing from you – just an email – would be great.

So, how have you used Putting Racism on the Table? In advance, thanks for sharing.

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