D.C. Mayor Bowser wants more diversity in tech jobs

WORKFORCE | Mayor Bowser released a new report outlining how the city plans to make D.C.’s technology sector more inclusive. The report, Pathways to Inclusion, lists goals such as creating 5,000 new tech jobs for underrepresented workers and 500 new tech businesses founded by underrepresented entrepreneurs. (DCist, 12/3)

A new report outlines that, as it currently stands, the city has just under 30,000 tech jobs, defined as “occupations in computer and information systems, engineers, and natural sciences.” Of those, 49 percent are held by white men, 25 percent by white women, 9 percent by black men, and 8 percent by black women.

By examining the barriers preventing people from entering the tech field, the mayor’s office, in conjunction with the Innovation and Technology Inclusion Council, is hoping to begin the process of eradicating them, though it has yet to release any formal policy proposals to achieve those numbers.

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ARTS & CULTURE/RACE | A photography collection featuring the Baltimore uprising after Freddie Gray’s death was on display this past weekend. The collection is part of the “Baltimore Stories: Narratives and the Life of an American City” project and is meant to prompt a discussion on race and the impact of narratives. (Baltimore Sun, 12/3)

Behold this really cool map of DC’s historic buildings! (Yes, I did look up my house.)