Reflecting on two decades of D.C.’s public charter school system

EDUCATION | D.C.’s public charter school system has officially been running for two decades this year. With slightly higher scores on academic tests and higher graduation rates than traditional public schools, the advocate who started it all helps to reflect on its flaws and advises on the future. (WaPo, 11/20)

The District’s charter school movement turned 20 at the start of this academic year. During the past two decades, charters have grown from three schools educating 160 students to more than 100 independent schools that educate almost 42,000 students, close to half of the District’s public school enrollment.

The city has one of the highest percentages of students enrolled in charter schools in the country, behind New Orleans and Detroit. School choice advocates hail the city’s charter schools as a model for the nation, while critics say that parents have more chance — a lottery ticket to get into one of a limited number of sought-after schools — than real choice.

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