Making youth sports more accessible to low-income families

HEALTH/EQUITY | In Gaithersburg, MD, when schools added a check box for parents to mark to request a no-questions-asked waiver to school sports fees, participation increased by 31 percent overall, and almost 80 percent at high-poverty schools. However, sign-up fees aren’t the only barriers to participating in what can be very expensive sports programs. (WaPo, 10/28)

The fee — $50 today, but $40 during the study period in 2009 — was covered by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant, so the effort cost the city nothing. Now, having read the results of the study, Gaithersburg officials are considering making the waiver process permanent, which could increase costs for youth sports by at least several thousand dollars. There is also a risk of waiver fraud.

But city officials say they are weighing those downsides against a growing body of research showing that participation in youth sports improves physical and mental health, lowers crime and teen pregnancy rates, and increases college enrollment.

– Tenants of a condo building in Prince George’s County have been left homeless due to unpaid utility bills that led to the electricity and gas being shut off. (WaPo, 10/28)

Related: In response, the Community Foundation in Prince George’s County is making available The Prince George’s County Neighbors in Need Fund to accept donations from members of the community who are interested in supporting the immediate needs of the 77 families impacted. More details here.

– Leadership Greater Washington recaps the most recent Thought Leadership session, co-sponsored by the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, focused on solving the region’s housing crisis for employers.

CHILDREN/YOUTH| The DC Trust officially shuts its doors on Monday. It released this statement yesterday with details on how to contact those entities that are responsible for ongoing work.

HEALTH/EDUCATION | The DC Department of Health is facing push back to its plan to shift school nurse assignments to make nurses more often available at schools with the highest health needs. (WaPo, 10/27)

Blind Spot, Botched Communication Led To Near-Fatal Incident On Metro Last Week (WAMU, 10/27)

Allowing Metro’s continued decline could cost region $1 billion a year in lost revenue (WaPo, 10/26)

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