New online portal available to find affordable housing in D.C.

– It’s hasn’t always been clear where housing that is considered “affordable” is located around D.C., but now there’s an online tool available to the public to pinpoint these locations. (City Paper, 10/14)

The tool isn’t new—it’s been used by a group of community organizations and developers as well as local and federal agencies for eight years—but it’s being released publicly for the first time with a new website. This “Preservation Catalogue” features property names, addresses, and affordability data, including when the subsidies a property receives are set to expire, and its count of units. The map functions like Craigslist housing ads in that you can click on large bubbles of subsidized properties to zoom in on specific buildings. You can also filter by ward, advisory neighborhood commission, census tract, and—for the more academically inclined—the type of government subsidy.

Proportionally large clusters of subsidized properties are located between Ward 1’s U Street corridor and Columbia Heights and in Wards 7 and 8. There’s much less subsidized housing in Ward 3’s affluent upper Northwest neighborhoods. Currently, there are more than 350 properties listed on the map.

– D.C. Council Committee Advances Pro-Tenant Rent-Control Bills (City Paper, 10/14)

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– Many Hands DC is now accepting Letters of Intent for their 2017 $100,000 grant benefiting women and families in Greater Washington region. All LOIs must be received by November 30, 2016.

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PHILANTHROPY | Voter polling commissioned by Independent Sector has found that, across the political spectrum, American voters are overwhelmingly united in support of the charitable sector. As the report title suggests, voters show a high degree of trust and value in the charitable community. In particular, voters show exceptionally strong bipartisan support for expanded incentives for charitable giving and increased collaboration between government and the charitable sector.

I vow to visit every one of the smaller, lesser-known museums around D.C. – Buffy