Philanthropy has become a focal point of the 2016 presidential election

– Nonprofits are concerned about the impact the 2016 presidential election may be having on how the public views nonprofits and charity. Discussion about the candidates’ foundations and giving has been primarily negative, which may skew the public’s perceptions about the nonprofit sector. (CP, 9/27)

Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, worries that this election will “create the impression that nonprofits and foundations are places of scandal and conflicts of interest, which I don’t think is, in fact, generally true.” Both candidates have been accused of excessive secrecy, and investigative journalists have found unusually rich fodder to explore in Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s charitable enterprises, which must file publicly available tax documents. The result: a level of interest in the major party candidates’ philanthropic affiliations that is unprecedented, experts say.

  President Obama has said he will engage in the causes he cares about after he leaves the White House, and the nonprofit world is waiting to see where he will make a difference. (CP, 10/4)

– As the Latino population in our region has grown, so has the number of organizations that provide services to Latino communities. Child Trends Hispanic Institute and the Crimsonbridge Foundation have just released a new guide with recommendations for how service providers and educators can effectively engage with Latino communities.

– Kendra Allen from the Consumer Health Foundation discusses the Racial Equity Workshop Series for Community Health Workers it recently hosted. (CHF Blog, 9/29)

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EDUCATION | Millions of dollars were provided to Montgomery County Public Schools to narrow the achievement gap and improve student performance by cutting class sizes – but some schools haven’t changed. (WTOP, 10/4)

POLITICS | Have a question you want to ask the candidates? The second presidential debate will be held on Sunday, October 9 in a town-hall format and the Commission on Presidential Debates is inviting potential questions. Search and vote for questions about issues that are important to you here.

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