Presidential Candidates and Their Giving is a Big Focus this Election Season

– No other presidential election has focused so much attention on each candidate’s philanthropy. This is the first time both candidates have a foundation, and voters want to know how generous they are in their personal lives as well.

Americans want to know if candidates are philanthropic. They want to know how much the candidates give away as a percentage of their personal income more than the details about the beneficiaries of their giving. The media want to know the details and especially about any hint of self-dealing. In the end, as never before, philanthropy is influencing this presidential election.

As the boundaries between politics and philanthropy continue to blur, and questions about their giving continue, it remains to be seen if the media scrutiny has provided a better understanding of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s philanthropy. (NP Quarterly, 9/2)

– Charity Navigator Revamps Donor-Advisory System (CP, 9/1)

 As kids head back to school, those who are homeless have many challenges, including school uniforms. (WaPo, 9/1)

– Documentary ‘Starving the Beast’ Is Sobering Look At Politics Of Education (dcist, 9/2)

HOUSING | There are a number of programs used to create affordable housing in the region, including housing vouchers, inclusionary zoning, low-income housing tax credits and public housing programs, each of which use the area median income (AMI) to determine eligibility. (GGW, 9/1)

DISTRICT | Ambulances take longer to reach you if you live east of the Anacostia River   (GGW, 9/2)

ENVIRONMENTMaryland balks at push for deeper cuts to power-plant carbon emissions  (WaPo, 9/5)

– Police in Baltimore, surrounding communities using Geofeedia to monitor social media posts (Balt Sun, 9/5)

– 111 More Prisoners Granted Clemency as Obama Races to Fulfill Pledge with Nonprofit Support (NP Quarterly, 9/1)

CORPORATEStudy Finds that Corporate Sponsorships Negatively Impact Nonprofit Brands (NP Quarterly, 8/31)

ART | Know somebody creating change — big or small — in your community?  The White House is hosting South by South Lawn, bringing together creators, innovators, and organizers from across the country for an evening of music, film, and great ideas.

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