WRAG Members Among 50 Corporate Leaders “Changing the World”

CORPORATE GIVING | Fortune just released its 2016 Change the World” roster of 50 companies addressing social and environmental challenges through their core business, which includes WRAG Members Bank of America and IBM. Fortune bases the rankings on how companies focus their philanthropy on  “scalable positive change”. (Fortune, 8/18)

Each year at this time, we set out to identify 50 companies across the globe that are tackling major societal problems—reducing damage to the environment, strengthening communities, serving the underserved, and significantly improving lives as a function of their business model—and whose good works contribute to their bottom lines.

Related: Fortune also looks at how corporate managers and boards are aligning their missions with their impact on communities and social issues. (Fortune, 8/18)

If you want to learn more about WRAG’s Corporate Affinity Group bookmark this page.

EDUCATION | As another school year begins in our region, an ongoing question remains:  should school start later each morning? (The Atlantic, 8/17)

HOUSING | Affordable housing and new neighborhood connections plan to meet up with an important bike trail in DC’s Edgewood neighborhood. (GGW, 8/19)

AGING | Opinion: Are aging and the economic slowdown linked? (WaPo, 8/21)

– Although the goals were admirable, twenty years after President Clinton overhauled the welfare system, the results are mixed. (NPR, 8/22)

– The Salvation Army and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy recently developed the Human Needs Index, a multidimensional measure of poverty.

– Given our region’s traffic issues, could we use art to address traffic fatalities? (NP Quarterly, (8/16)

– Perspective is everything in art. A new U Street exhibit explores how the places we live end up shaping us, and vice versa. (GGW, 8/18)

PHILANTHROPY | Joint Affinity Groups (JAG) has transformed into CHANGE Philanthropy, a coalition of philanthropic networks working together to strengthen bridges across funders and communities.

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