The role of philanthropy in addressing racism | Dr. Gail Christopher’s Putting Racism on the Table talk now available

PUTTING RACISM ON THE TABLE/WRAG | The sixth and final video in the Putting Racism on the Table learning series is now live. At the last session, Dr. Gail Christopher, Senior Advisor and Vice President for Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, discussed the role of philanthropy in addressing racism and racial inequity in America.

Upon the completion of the learning portion of Putting Racism on the Table, WRAG president Tamara Lucas Copeland said:

“Gail Christopher’s talk closed out a powerful learning journey for our region’s philanthropic community. We hope that these videos are fostering a deeper understanding among the wider community about structural and institutional racism, white privilege, implicit bias and how these forces have shaped our society. Events over the past two years, and especially this past week, drive home the urgency of this understanding – and also the urgency of action. WRAG looks forward to continuing Putting Racism on the Table as it transitions into a training series for our members, and to positioning the philanthropic community to potentially take substantive action on racism.”

After you’ve had a chance to view the video, we encourage you to share your thoughts via Twitter with the hashtag #PuttingRacismOnTheTable, or by commenting on WRAG’s Facebook page. We also suggest checking out the viewing guide and discussion guide to be used with the video.

EQUITY | Yesterday Fairfax County passed a resolution that will require the county to take racial and social equity into account in decision-making. (WTOP, 7/12) You can read the full resolution, “One Fairfax,” here.

RACISM/RACIAL JUSTICE| In a special guest post on the Consumer Health Foundation blog, Nat Williams, executive director of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation, reflects on last week’s killings and issues a powerful call to action for racial justice. (CHF, 7/11)

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– At racially and economically diverse schools, parents with means often have more influence with school officials, marginalizing the needs of lower income students and families. (Atlantic, 7/13)

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COMMUNITY | We are pleased to share that Ciara Myers, former WRAG program associate and editor of the Daily, has joined the staff of the Meyer Foundation as their new communications manager. Congrats, Ciara!

When the police have to issue public warnings about safety when playing a game on your phone, you know things have gone too far.

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