A scarcity of housing options for domestic violence survivors in DC

HOUSING | The ever-rising cost of housing in the District, along with a decline in private funding, is reducing the availability of shelters and subsidized apartments for domestic violence survivors, while the need for such spaces is growing (WaPo, 7/11):

Dozens of the 187 shelter rooms and transitional housing apartments dedicated to domestic-violence victims and their children are at risk of disappearing because nonprofits cannot afford to subsidize rising rents or compete with the commercial residential market.

The D.C. government has struggled to find money to cover the higher costs and the end of funding from the Freddie Mac Foundation, which used to allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars to housing for abuse victims every year before deciding to cut back.”

WORKFORCE | D.C. Council Puts Two Major Employee-Benefits Bills on Hold (WCP, 7/8)

VETERANS | A new VA report found that, on average, 20 veterans committed suicide per day in 2014. (Atlantic, 7/7)

Goodwill is opening a D.C. charter school to help adults get a high school diploma (WaPo, 7/8)

Academies of Loudoun will take collaborative approach to STEM education (WaPo, 7/11)

Exponent Philanthropy reports that female CEOs of small-staffed foundations make, on average, $0.87 to every $1 earned by male CEOs. (EP, 7/11)

– The blog Inside Philanthropy looks at new funder initiatives around the country- including that of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation – that are focused on young women of color. (IP, 7/6)

NONPROFITS | A new report from the National Council of Nonprofits looks at the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations in light of the Department of Labor’s new overtime regulations.

This metro-station-name-as-emoji quiz is harder than you would think!

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