Some area schools making it harder for students to fail

– Schools across the country and in some districts here in the Greater Washington region are changing grading policies to make it harder for students to fail, in an effort to make grades more accurately reflect student learning. Of course, the changes have supporters and naysayers (WaPo, 7/6):

Proponents of the changes­ say the new grading systems are more fair and end up being more conducive to learning, encouraging students to catch up when they fall behind rather than just giving up. Many believe that giving a student a score of zero for an F — rather than, say, a score of 50 — on even just one bad assignment can doom students because climbing back to a passing grade can seem almost mathematically impossible. And such failures can put students on a path to dropping out before graduation.

But many are critical of the shift, arguing that teachers are losing important tools to enforce diligence and prepare students for college and the workplace. They say that artificially boosting student grades can mask failure and push students through who don’t know the material they need to know to actually succeed.

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