Constitutional convention underway in the District

DISTRICT | Yesterday marked the start of the three-day Constitutional Convention for New Columbia to hash out a proposed state constitution for D.C. (WAMU, 6/13):

The ultimate goal is to produce a state constitution for D.C., which would then be put to voters in November for approval and submitted to Congress next year as part of a formal petition for statehood.
Mayor Muriel Bowser and members of the New Columbia Statehood Commission say any and all residents can offer amendments to the proposed constitution during the convention, and that the process is moving so quickly because they want to be able to present a statehood petition to Congress early next year. The hope is that November’s elections will usher in a new Democratic majority, and an unprecedented opportunity to finally become the 51st state.

Individuals and organizations can submit comments to the commission here.

PHILANTHROPY | WRAG’s colleague organization, the Florida Philanthropic Network, has posted a list of resources for those who want to provide financial assistance to those affected by the mass shooting in Orlando. Funders for LGBTQ Issues also has a comprehensive roundup of ways funders can help.

– The latest Giving USA report finds that giving was up 4 percent in 2015 over 2014, for a total of $373.3 billion. (Chronicle, 6/14)

– In a special post for the Daily, Natalie Wexler, trustee of the Omega Foundation, lays out how schools can better teach kids to read. (Hint: it’s not by teaching reading comprehensive strategies.) The article sums up the latest event in WRAG’s 2016 Public Education Series, which featured Dan Willingham, who studies the science of learning. (Daily, 6/14)

– New research examines the role teachers play in fostering or hindering interracial friendships among kids. (Atlantic, 6/14)

HOUSING/HEALTH | The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation explores how partnering with the housing sector can improve health. (RWJF, 6/8)

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WORKFORCE | With Minimum Wage Fight Over, D.C. Activists Hope To Eliminate Tipped Wage (WAMU, 6/13)

RACISM | Google faulted for racial bias in image search results for black teenagers (WaPo, 6/10)

CSR | Deloitte Survey Finds That a Mere 30 Percent of Resumes Include Volunteering, Despite the Known Benefits to Career Advancement (CSRwire, 6/10)

SPECIAL FOR WRAG MEMBERS | This year WRAG is proud to partner with Independent Sector on their 2016 conference, New Frontiers (November 16-18 in D.C.) WRAG members can save $500 when registering for the conference – and save up to $1,050 if they register by June 19. Email Rebekah Seder to get the discount code!


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